Awards process

Nominate your favourite vendors and suppliers here. This is your opportunity to give back to the individuals and businesses that came together to create an everlasting memory of your special wedding day.

Please note nominations are now closed.

Entry Requirements

  • Businesses, of all sizes, which provide wedding services to African wedding couples in the UK can directly enter the awards

  • Any individual can nominate a wedding business to enter the awards

  • Entries should relate to wedding services provided between January 2019 to December 2019

  • Upon entering more than one category, please ensure you fill out a separate entry form per category

  • Each category entered will be assessed independently

  • Entry questions are dependent on your chosen category, therefore please take care whilst filling out each entry form

  • All entries must be submitted with the admin fee

  • Click here to enter the awards

Entry Fee

  • There is an entry administration fee of £45 per category entered

  • The entry admin fee can be made via direct transfer or online payment system

  • One administration fee covers one entry

Making a nomination

  • Making a nomination is a quick and straightforward process.

  • Simply fill out the ‘Make a Nomination’ form with as much detail as possible.

  • Once your nomination has been received, we will alert your chosen vendor and invite them to officially enter the awards if they have not done so already.

  • Once your vendors/suppliers have entered the awards, you will then be notified to return to the site to provide feedback for their services in Stage 2 of the awards process to increase their chances of being shortlisted to win the award.

Client Feedback Submission

Client Feedback

  • Clients who have used a vendors services between 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019 are eligible to submit feedback 

  • Individuals who are not previous clients are not eligible to provide feedback on vendors

Additional Information

File uploads

  • All supporting files and media submitted must not exceed 2mb

  • All supporting files and media must be uploaded via the designated upload link

Enter Your Business

Nominations are now closed.

Awards Process

Stage 1

There are two ways vendors can enter the awards:

  1. Receive a nomination –  All vendors are notified of their nomination received and are invited to complete their entry to the awards.

  2. Direct Entry – Vendors can enter the awards directly by clicking here.

After initial entry form is completed along with £45 entry administration fee, vendors will be sent part 2 of the awards entry form.

Stage 2

Previous clients are invited by vendors to provide feedback on their services. 

This information, along with award entry submission data, is submitted to be assessed by the award judging panel.

Stage 3

The UKAWA Judging panel are invited for a judging day taking place in London. 

All judging takes place via the UKAWA online judging portal. 

Each nominee will provide information specific to their award category which the judges will analyse and score entires using a fair and level points based system. 

Where applicable, judges will be asked to ‘Blind score’ meaning that they will not know which vendors work they are looking at. 

This is to create a 100% unbiased judging process. 

At this stage, shortlisted nominees and award winners are selected and confirmed.

Stage 4

Award winners and ‘Highly Recommended’ vendors are announced at the celebratory UKAWA awards ceremony taking place on 28th February 2020 in Park Lane, London.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations are now closed.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of being nominated / entering my business for an award?

There are several reasons why entering the awards is of benefit to your business. Below lists some of these benefits to consider including:

  • Increased PR & marketing potential for your business
  • Alignment of your brand with excellence
  • Increased industry profile for your business
  • Position your brand as No.1 choice in the eyes of customers
  • Recognition of achievements
  • Increase visibility by standing out from the crowd
  • Valuable feedback from client feedback stage
  • Valuable feedback from our rigorous and fair judging process
  • Complimentary listing on new UKAWA directory 
  • Attract the best talent to your team
  • A perfect time to reflect on your own business practices and discover new ways to advance this year
  • Plus more!

My business does not fit into any of the categories listed. What should I do?

Each year we will be adding categories in relation to demand. If you can not find a category which your vendor fits in this year, please email us at and we will be in touch with to discuss your query.

What happens after my submission?

After you have submitted your nomination you may be contacted by a member of the awards team who will ask for more information about your submission if there is information missing.

Your selected vendor(s) will be contacted to invite them to enter the awards.

Why do I pay an administrative entry fee for my nomination?

For the entirenomination process there is an administration fee of £45 per nomination. In line with industry standards, this fee covers the cost of administering your application from start to finish. Click here to find out more about why there is an entry fee.